John Boos
The #1 Butcher Block in the World

John Boos Kitchen Countertop with Cream CabinetsJohn Boos & Co. made the very first butcher block more than 125 years ago — in 1887. If you watch almost any cooking show on television, you’ve probably noticed “Boos Blocks” on almost every program. If you’re looking for an internationally recognized and trusted brand name, look no further than John Boos. Boos & Co. manufactures wood and stainless steel countertops for a variety of applications from residential, commercial and industrial applications; for kitchens and dining rooms; to offices and retail stores an more!

Choose from Four Species of Wood

John Boos is an American company that specializes in North American hardwood: Rock Maple, Black Walnut, American Cherry and Appalachian Red Oak. The company sources the wood it uses only from forests that are managed in a sustainable fashion so that they may meet today’s demands while ensuring adequate natural resources are available for future generations.

Hard Rock Maple — the hardest of the four woods options — is the most popular. Maple’s neutral color scheme is another advantage; its light tans and browns complement almost any kitchen’s décor.

Walnut —is gaining in popularity, despite its priciness, due to its appealing mix of tans, creams and rich browns that range from medium to dark chocolate.

American Cherry  —features pink to reddish-brown hues with pale yellowish streaks. It starts out a bit pale or pinkish, but darkens over time as the beautiful patina is developed.

Red Oak — features bolder shades of browns than Maple, enhanced with touches of gold, pink and amber.

Edge, End-Grain and Blended Grain StylesEdge-End-Blended Grain Illustration

Edge-grain butcher blocks are made from wood rails 1-3/4 inches wide which run parallel to one another. Each rail spans the full length of the block.

End-grain blocks display the classic checkerboard pattern that we usually visualize when we hear the term butcher block. The surface of the block displays the 1-3/4″ square, sawed ends of wood rails, including each piece’s unique grain patterns. This is the most durable of all of the options and is recommended if you are looking for something that will stand up to heavy-duty use.

Blended-style blocks are a variation of edge-grain blocks (also called finger-jointed edge-grain). In blended blocks, two or more wood pieces are finger-jointed together to span each stripe of the block (except for the outermost rails, which are always full-length).

Edge Options

Boos offers a number of different edge styles for their countertops. Their default edge type is slightly eased, meaning the top of each edge is sanded very lightly so it isn’t a perfect 90 degree angle. A Radius edge features rounded tops where the curve marks out a 1/4″ radius. Whether you say Bevel, Beveled or Chamfered, this edge detail feature a detail where the each edge is essentially cut off at a diagonal. In a Bullnose edge, both the top and bottom of the edge is rounded. Both segments of the curve trace out arcs measuring ¾ of an inch. The fanciest edge style is a Roman Ogee. This edge style first drops straight down, then bows out (convex) then in (concave).

John Boos Countertop Edge Profiles

Two Finish Options — Natural Oil or Varnique

Boos countertops come with one of two proprietary finishes: a coat of natural, food-safe oil; or a varnish-like sealant — Varnique®. The natural oil requires quick cleanup of spills and regular re-oiling. Varnique is low-maintenance and easier to clean, but it is not intended to be cut on directly — you should use a cutting board on the countertop.

One-year warranty

Boos will repair or replace a product determined to be defective. This warranty does not apply to damage resulting from normal wear and tear, accidents, abuse, neglect, misuse, alterations or exposure to extreme conditions. Nor does it pertain to countertops ordered unfinished. Neither Performance Stoneworks nor Boos & Co. will be liable for any loss or damage arising from use of products or for any consequential damages.

  • Boos warrants that the exact length, width and thickness of any countertop will not vary from specifications by more than 1/8 of an inch.
  • Cutting into a Boos countertop (e.g., trimming its length or width or executing a miter cut or a cutout) will void the manufacturer’s warranty. We will provide Boos & Co. with the locations of all necessary cutouts so they can be completed at the factory.
  • Boos Countertops are not reversible, as undersides are not finished and sometimes show imperfections.