Stainless Steel Cabinet Door Styles

Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens brings function and style together through our exclusive stainless steel doors for outdoor kitchens which are made in the USA. Our stainless steel cabinet doors and drawer fronts provide functional strength and durability, while the extensive color palettes, realistic wood grains, metallic hues and other decorative powder coat finishes bring style, color and design to your outdoor living and entertaining space.

Danver | Hampton Stainless Steel Door Style

Danver | Hampton Stainless Steel

The Hampton is a solid panel stainless steel outdoor kitchen door. It is the standard door and drawer front. It is also used for end panels. Can be used outdoors

Hampton Finish Options




Danver | Rio Stainless Steel Door Style

Danver | Rio Stainless Steel

The Rio is a flat 1-piece door frame which is prepped for glass, wood grain insert, or stainless steel panel (not shown). It is our most popular glass front door. Can be used outdoors. Insert is not included.


Danver | Keywest Stainless Steel Door Style

Danver | Keywest Stainless Steel

Danver | Keywest Seaglass Insert Stainless Steel Door Style

Danver | Keywest Seaglass Insert Stainless Steel

Danver | Keywest Frost Stainless Steel Door Style

Danver | Keywest Frost Stainless Steel










The Key West is a 5-piece stainless steel construction shaker-style door.  It features 2 11/16″ wide stiles and rails.  The doors are assembled after each component is painted, allowing the center panel to either be painted to match or complement the stiles and rails.

Danver Key West Options Danver Key West with Wood Grain Panel







The Sea Glass is a Key West style door with a frosted glass center panel representing the look of sea glass. It is available in three colors: Sky Blue, Seafoam Green, and Cloud White.

Permanent Protection for Outdoor Stainless Steel Cabinet Doors

The durability of stainless steel resists stain and/or corrosion and although stainless steel cabinets and doors are stain-resistant, they must be cleaned periodically. Harsh chemicals like chlorine and muriatic acid and salt from the ocean will mark the stainless steel if not cleaned regularly. Powder coat finishes add an additional level of protection against the elements. Danver offers a variety of nearly maintenance-free powder coat finishes including colors and wood grain finishes.