Wood Finishes

Our Advantage Semi-Custom Cabinetry line is available in 5 wood options with a variety of finishes including stain colors and glazes to help you create a truly unique look.


Delicate soft graining and a consistent light color are the hallmarks of Maple. These qualities also make it the perfect choice for solid-color stains as well as painted finishes.


Oak is loved for its medium to light towns and very defined grain. It will also show an occasional mineral streak or pin knot giving it added character. Oak is perfect for any color of stain from light to dark and will result in a uniform color with tonal variations.


Cherry is a beautiful wood that is often associated with high-end kitchens. In its natural form, cherry shows a range of redding tones from pink to red as well as lighter tones of cream and even some greenish tones. Exposure to natural light (and intense artificial light) will cause cherry to darken. The application of stain softens the range of tones seen in natural cherry. We also offer cherry in a knotty cherry option.


If you are looking for a more rustic look, hickory may be the choice for you. Natural hickory has extreme contrasts in color form very light to dark. Stains can be used to tone down and soften the contrast. We also offer a knotty hickory option.

Knotty Alder

If you are looking for a rustic species of wood for your cabinetry, knotty alder may be exactly what you are looking for. The knots tend to be a good size with plenty of visual depth. The wood itself closely resembles the grain and color of cherry and is often a good substitute for knotty cherry.